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As an established vape business, you have probably accumulated all the information you need to know about e-juice and the never ending selection of e-cigarettes, vape hardware and accessories. This means you will likely have no issues picking out vape products needed at our competitive tiered wholesale pricing. 

180 Smoke has partnered with Vape Mall to create the one-stop-shop for your vape inventory needs. We make vape inventory purchases convenient with our online ordering platform that is available anytime for your wholesale orders. Our program and convenient payment options allows you to avoid the complexities and massive minimum orders required from China and other international suppliers/manufacturers. We also eliminate the concern that your investment in inventory will be held at customs. Let Vape Mall handle these headaches so you can focus on your day to day business, and most importantly your customers.

Vape Mall and 180 Smoke works hard to build long-term relationships with manufacturers and mass suppliers of vape products, and e-liquid makers so you do not have to juggle and negotiate with many individual suppliers to get competitive wholesale pricing for the various vape products your business needs. We also own exclusive distribution rights for select lines of e-liquid and work very closely with these partners to ensure the products offered are high quality e-juices that you will want to sell, and your customers will enjoy!

It is our goal to build lasting relationships with vape retailers and create win-win opportunities so we can grow business together.




If you are someone new to the business of vaping, 180 Smoke and Vape Mall would first like to celebrate your choice for joining the industry and for seeking out an opportunity to provide alternative products to traditional combustible offerings. We acknowledge how confusing the product selection process can be, especially for your first few orders when you are building an initial inventory for your budding vape business.

We offer a broad and growing selection of pre-built packages to help get that first order done without frustration and the right mix of e-juices, vape hardware, and vape accessories for various budget levels. If you have a larger budget with more specific needs, we can put a custom package together, just reach out to our Sales Team for information on the details.

Your Sales Representative is also a great source of vape product information, and can direct you to additional resources to help answer vape product and e-juice related questions.

Our pre-built packages will be available to both new and experienced vape businesses, in addition, all of our vape wholesale programs collectively will be made available for clients regardless of how long you have been in the vape business. New or old to the vape industry, Vape Mall has you covered and will take the complexities out of dealing with the large number manufacturers and suppliers both overseas and local.

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Exclusive Distributor

We work closely with as many suppliers as possible, and as a result we are the exclusive distributor of select products, and the list will continue to grow.  We are proud to recently become the EXCLUSIVE distributor for WET, 180 Smoke, OG Vapers and the OG Juice line.

Multiple Shipping Options

Need your order in a rush, we have options for that from USPS, FedEx, and UPS.  Shipping prices range depending on how fast you need your order, and we will provide free shipping via USPS for orders over $1500.

Order Online

We have an easy to use and convenient online ordering platform that is available 24/7 so you can book your orders what ever time of day is convenient for you.

Knowledgeable Sales Team

Our Sales Reps have a wealth of experience to help you with your order and answer all your product related questions.  If you are not sure what products you need or should carry in your store, just ask and we can help.

Product Selection

Vape Mall carries a wide and  growing selections of e-liquids, vaping devices, and accessories; we also take requests seriously and will compile them to help in identifying new product additions.  In some cases we may have the ability to do a custom order on products not offered in the online catalog, just ask and we will review if we are able to accommodate your request.*

*Additional terms and conditions may apply for custom orders.



Is there a minimum order size?
Yes. There is a minimum order size of $350.

What are my shipping options?
We offer multiple shipping option via USPS, FedEx, and UPS.  Depending on your budget and urgency of your order, you can select the shipping option that will work best for you.

What happens if an item has a manufacturing defect?
For any items with a manufacturing defect, please refer to our Return Policy pages at:

What are my payment options?
You can pay by MasterCard, Visa, or American Express (1.5% processing fee will be applied for orders paid by credit card), or you can also pay by E-Interac transfer, or ask about signing up for per authorized deposits (PAD).

Do you offer payment terms?
Generally terms are not offered, but for regular customers that have established a history with us, ask your Sales Rep. or contact [email protected] to discuss customized term options that may be made available to you.

How do I price the items I will be selling in my store?
We ask all our wholesale clients to follow the MSRP on our products pages on, and as you to review Section 8 of the Terms & Conditions for additional details on pricing.  Please contact your Sales Rep. or [email protected] should you have any additional requests or inquiries on pricing products in your store.

Can I sell your products to people under the age of majority?
Under no circumstances can any products be sold, including accessories and e-liquid (with or without nicotine) to anyone who looks under the age of 25.  When in doubt – ask for ID, and be sure to confirm with your local inspector or regulating body of any other requirements or conditions relating to sale of products and age restrictions.

Smoking cessation and health claims?
Vape Mall asks all wholesale customers making purchases with us to remain within the strictest interpretation of the law and never make any health related claims, inclusive of any claims that can be construed to mean or indicate that electronic vaping products will help people quit smoking.  It is recommended you consult with your own legal council to ensure you and your staff/employees have the most accurate and up to date legal guidance on this topic.

Can I return a product if I chose not to carry it anymore?
Please refer to our Return Policy for details at: , or contact your Sales Rep. for more information, or send your question to [email protected].

Ok, I’m convinced, what do I do now?
Please click on one of the buttons on this page to send an email so one of our Sales Team members can get you set up and ready to order with 180 Smoke and Vape Mall.

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