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Utillian 721 - Convection Herbal Vaporizer

The Utillian 721 is newest vaporizer unit from the popular Utillian line. This vaporizer uses a convection heating system that provides excellent vapor quality, and features 8 heat settings in an easy to use form factor.

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Utillian 721 - Convection Herbal Vaporizer

The Utillian 721 is newest vaporizer unit from the popular Utillian line. This latest release updates the design of the 720 with increased battery life. The vaporizer uses a convection heating system that provides excellent vapor quality, and features 8 heat settings in an easy to use form factor.

The Utillian 721 is compatible with both dry herbs and wax concentrates, and features a stainless steel heating chamber that heats up in 1 minute. A removable concentrate dish prevents residue buildup in the oven and allows for simple, thorough cleaning. The device is operated by a single button, and it's 8 heat settings range from 170C to 215C.

The new larger battery provides 90 minutes of usage time.


  • Convection heating
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Single-button operation
  • 8 heat settings between 170C and 210C - 4 base settings of 170C, 180C, 190C, and 210C, plus the ability to boost each by 5 degrees
  • For herbs or wax concentrates
  • 90min of battery life


  • Utillian 721 Vaporizer
  • Tweezers
  • Wax canister
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB cable
  • O-ring screen set
Additional Information
Manufacturer Utillian
Battery Capacity No


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Customer Reviews

Best vaporizer I've used Review by DNeuwir
I've been using vaporizers for about a year now, starting with the Boundless CFX, then getting a Boundless CFV. They're both great units in their own way, and as a beginner I was satisfied with them. But I wanted to try something a little newer and better, so I bought this Utillian 721.

Okay, there is a NIGHT and DAY difference with this unit.

The Utillian 721 has a great hand feel--it's easy to hold and just exudes quality. It has 8 temperature settings (4 main modes and 4 "boost" modes that add +5* to each of the main modes). Coming from the Boundless units with their 1-degree temperature adjustments I was a little concerned at what I perceived to be a lack of range and exact "tuning" of the temperature in the Utillian. That said, it really hasn't been a problem, and honestly most of the time I leave the Boundless units set at 360*F anyway. This corresponds, roughly to "fast blink blue". The temperature settings have LED colors (Green, Blue, Purple and Red) and each has a slow/fade blink (normal temp) and fast blink (boosted +5*F). For best flavor, I tend to start with fresh herb and use the coolest "Green" mode for the first few hits. Once the flavor starts fading and we're down to the therapy, I'll boost it up to the fast blue until the product is used up.

Vapor production is excellent, even when using the cooler green modes. I'm actually really amazed at how much vapor the Utillian puts out compared to the Boundless units at the same temperature.

Also, the vaporization is perfectly even. With my other units, after a 3-4 minute session you can open them up and see that the core of the herb has turned brown, but the outside is still light green. So the heat's only really getting through the center and I've always had to "stir" the herb with a rod after every 3-4 minutes. Not with the Utillian. It heats perfectly evenly from the core to the rim, and I've never needed to stir the mix.

Lasts about 4 x 5-minute sessions on a charge, which isn't too inconvenient--just plug it in when you're not using it and it will always be ready. It cannot be used while charging (powers off the coil once connected) but that hasn't really been an issue.

It holds about 1/3gm of herb which is smaller than the CFX, and about what the CFV holds. Loading ground herb is easy as there's no "moat" around the heating cylinder like the CFX/CFV's have. Just put a few pinches in the chamber and brush inward anything around the rim.

In all, the Utillian is the best quality vaporizer I've purchased. I'm 100% happy with it. (Posted on 2018-02-08)
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