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Pod Vape Kits

Pod vapes are vape starter kits that use disposable pod tanks rather than the traditional tank and coil systems. Pod style kits have been very popular among beginners because of their ease of use, but pod vaping can be a convenient solution for any vaper.

Some pod vape kits, known as closed system vape kits, will require pre-filled pods. These all in one e-cigarette starter kits are the simplest to use, but the pod flavors are predetermined.

Refillable pod vapes, also known as open system vape kits, do not require pre-filled pods and can be filled with any e-liquid flavor you like. So if you prefer to select your own e-liquid but are looking for an e-cig starter kit, a refillable pod vape might be the best choice for you.

Pod vaporizers are normally discreet, and so a pod vape mod will have a relatively small battery and power capacity. However, because of their size and simplicity, portable pod systems are great for traveling and commuting.

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