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Fixed Voltage/Wattage Starter Kits

Premium Electronic Cigarette Kits - Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage

Primarily designed for current vapers, or very heavy current smokers, these vaping devices are at the top of the line in the electronic cigarette industry.

Fixed voltage kits offer vapers a solid 4.2-volt power level to the atomizer, with a high quality and long lasting battery system. 4.2 volts is often the optimum power level for exceptional vapor volume and flavor, and the simplicity of not having to adjust too many things is very appealing to a lot of vapers. Just plug in and vape. These vape kits are best when combined with a variable airflow clearomizer.

We bring you the best from the leading brands in the vaping world like Kangertech, Aspire, Innokin, iSmoka Eleaf and more!

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