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Cloud Maker Starter Kits

The Cloud Maker Starter Kit - eCigarette, eHookah, or eCigar

The Cloud Maker series is 180 Smoke's selection of advanced electronic cigarettes/personal vaporizers. These units feature long lasting rechargeable batteries with a good life span, backed by a 3 month limited warranty through 180 Smoke. The Cloud Maker will provide a luxurious and reliable vaping experience for anyone currently smoking more than 6 cigarettes per day. These units are commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, or electronic hookahs - these terms are essentially synonymous. Typically the batteries on the Cloud Maker kits will last for about 1.5-2.5 packs of cigarettes, and they utilize e-liquids or e-juice to refill the clearomizer or tank system that comes as part of the kit. All of these devices are rechargeable, recyclable, tobacco and tar-free.

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