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Mouth to Lung Kits

Mouth to lung vape starter kits, sometimes referred to as MTL vapes, are specifically designed to create a restrictive draw and a moderate, but dense, vapor. Mouth to lung vapes most suitable for beginners, but some more experienced vapers still prefer the draw of mouth to lung vape kits over other kinds of vapes.

Depending on the design of the device, these kits can take different forms. Those who are just transitioning to vaping might prefer the look and feel of an MTL vape pen, whereas others may opt for the more boxy mouth to lung vape mods instead. Regardless, mouth to lung starter kits will include a tank and battery.

Although MTL vape kits normally have a bit more of a learning curve than pod vapes, many users prefer mouth to lung vaping because of its larger range of customizability.

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