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Co-founded by a group of entrepreneurs and a Canadian heart surgeon, 180 Smoke is your one stop vape shop for everything you may ever need as a vaper. While 180 Smoke is a Canadian-based company, is our dedicated U.S. online vape shop, meant to service customers across the nation. Like our Canadian counterpart, is an ethically-focused retailer, that aims to reduce the number of smokers by giving them access to a satisfying and satiating replacement in the form of e-cigarettes.

If you are new to vaping, an e-cigarette is essentially a tool used to deliver nicotine to the body and to simulate the experience of smoking. At their core, these tools offer users a satisfying hit of nicotine, without any of the other chemicals associated with smoking; namely tar, arsenic, and carbon monoxide to name a few. E-cigarettes and vaporizers also pose an economic benefit to the user, as the overall costs of vaping are considerably lower than the cost of smoking. It is estimated that smokers that transition to vaping can save up to $2500 per year (for a 1-pack a day habit). Finally, for the eco-friendly citizen, almost all the disposable components in vaping are recyclable and the vapor produced does not contribute to air pollution, as it quickly dissipates.

Ultimately, 180 Smoke aims to be the number one online vape shop, as well as the most affordable option for the mass market. Whether you’re a beginner, or experienced vaper, you’ll be sure to find something through us. Our current product lineup consists of a plethora of tanks, mods, batteries, starter kits, pod-systems, and an ever growing collection of e-liquids. In terms of brands, 180 Smoke is lucky enough to carry products from industry leaders, such as Aspire, Kangertech, Joyetech, Lost Vapes, SMOK, VooPoo, and many more. All of the products we carry have been carefully vetted by our experienced team, to ensure all our customers are not only satisfied, but elated with their purchases.

Speaking of products, we would be remiss if we didn’t make any mention of our incredible e-liquid collection. With hundreds of different flavors, from premium manufacturers, our stock of e-liquid is sure to appeal to almost any vapers and we can assure you’ll find your next all-day-vape. With flavors ranging from basic to complex, the e-liquids sold by 180 Smoke are all carefully chosen as the best representations from the vaping industry and are meant to satisfy the tastes of all vapers. All of the e-liquids sold by 180 Smoke are manufactured from premium, medical grade ingredients, and are made in pristine facilities that are rigorously tested by various authorities.

Not only does 180 Smoke sell e-cigarettes and nicotine related products, but we also proudly carry a range of dry herb vaporizers. These devices are quickly taking over the cannabis industry, and are incredibly efficient and proficient in offering users the best cannabis experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vaping is still a relatively new innovation to society and it often has quite a few misconceptions surrounding it. While we can go into great and extraneous detail dispelling these false claims, we prefer to answer everything simply and in a way that is easy to share and understand. In this section, you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from new vapers and the answers we give to best educate these people.

General Questions About Vaping and E-cigarettes

  • Why switch to e-cigarette and vaping?

    Save money, feel better, and enjoy a wide variety of flavors not available to traditional smokers.
    More reasons

  • What is an e-cigarette or vape?

    E-Cigarettes are electronic devices which use a battery to heat a coil which in turn vaporizes a flavored liquid which can or cannot contain nicotine. Devices come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, strengths, and capacities.

    More information

  • Can vaping help me quit smoking?

    E-Cigarettes are an alternative to smoking only. Millions of customers have used it to transfer their nicotine addiction while many slowly reduce their nicotine strength and some are able to ween off nicotine slowly, but all this is a matter of personal ability, personal biology and mental strength.
    More on quitting with vaping

  • Are electronic vaporizers safe to use?

    Yes, with the proper care and information. The British Public health recently announced in 2015 that they are about 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Just like another electronic device, they need proper handling, no tampering and maintenance. Read all instructions and only use approved chargers and parts. Beginners should start with beginner basic devices found in the starter-kit section. Advanced users should not modify the battery or other parts.
    More safety information

  • Are there side effects to vaping?

    There are no major side effects known directly from vaping, except that a very small fraction of customers are allergic to PG which simply causes some irritation in the throat. All known side affects are typically associated with cigarette withdraw and not vaping.
    Details on side effects

  • Does nicotine cause cancer?

    No, nicotine has never found to be carcinogenic. Nicotine via combustible cigarettes are highly carcinogenic due to the combustion. In vaping, there is no combustion.
    More evidence

  • What is the right nicotine strength for me?

    Nicotine strength requirements vary for different people based on their personal smoking habit (type of cigarette, length of puff, amount time smoke is kept inside lungs, etc), and it also varies per device (how much vapor it produces which changes how much nicotine gets delivered). However, based on general anecdotal data, here are some guidelines for consideration. It is important to select the correct nicotine strength that works for you. Each flavor comes in a variety of strengths.

    > Nicotine Free (0 mg or 0%): contains absolutely no nicotine and is only meant to simulate the feeling and appearance of smoking.
    > Extra Low Strength Nicotine (3 mg or 0.3%): a popular choice for very light smokers of under 2-4 cigarettes per day. Feels very smooth when inhaled.
    > Low Strength Nicotine (6 mg or 0.6%): common for people who switch from smoking 4-9 cigarettes per day. Fairly smooth.
    > Medium Strength Nicotine (12 mg or 1.2%): medium strength is a common choice for a pack per day smoker. It is our most commonly sold strength. a significant throat hit.
    > High Strength Nicotine (18 mg or 1.8%): for heavy smokers of more than a pack per day. heavy throat hit.
    > Extra High Strength Nicotine (24 mg or 2.4%): for very heavy smokers who really need a strong nicotine hit and get a throat hit as close to smoking as possible. Only available in tobacco flavors

    More on nicotine strength selection

  • I'm a doctor, should I recommend vaping to my patients?

    Our founder Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar, started 180 with a mission to provide an alternative to smoking. E-cigarettes are not a medical device, nor are they intended as a smoking cessation device. Any recommendations are purely the opinions of individual physicians. For more information read this guide for best practices: Doctor recommendations (opinion)

  • What are the laws about vaping in public?

    E-cigarette laws vary from city to city, state to state. It is suggested that users refer to their local jurisdictions about vaping in their region. However, a private property (especially indoors) can have their own policies. Be nice about it, always ask when at restaurants or other private properties with other guests. Don't vape in enclosed spaces, like an elevator, out of courtesy. Some people are simply adverse to the smell, and some may associate it with smoke even though it is not. Take a constructive educational approach if someone does not know, but never subject others to vaping if they don't want it.
    More on vaping laws

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Why is 180 Smoke's Online Vape Shop different?

Best Online Vape Store

At our core, 180 Smoke is a brand that isn’t focused on greed or monetary gain. Instead, we’ve positioned ourselves as an ethically-focused company that cares more about wellness than profit. Our ethos as a business is harm reduction and everything we do is meant to accomplish this. From the products we carry, to the training of our staff, 180 Smoke sets itself apart by focusing primarily on our customers and their ability to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

This focus on health comes from the very background of the company, as our co-founder Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar has witnessed the suffering caused by tobacco first hand. These medical experiences have deeply influenced 180 Smoke as a company and have directly influenced the way we train our staff and operate as an international brand. Speaking of our staff, 180 Smoke proudly boasts a team that comes from medical, technical, and a variety of other backgrounds. Their combined experience in multiple disciplines gives 180 Smoke a distinct advantage in the industry, as we value the knowledge our staff brings to the table and we are not afraid to implement any beneficial changes.

Finally, 180 Smoke sets itself apart in terms of pricing and affordability. 180 Smoke prides itself on offering vapers the best deals possible and prices all of its items competitively to assure all customers can purchase a device to transition away from smoking. This plays into the ethical focus of 180 Smoke as the brand aims to ensure that everyone can easily pick up a vape and put down the pack.

Why Shop on 180 Smoke's Online Vape Store?

We know that you have plenty of options when looking for vaping related products, but we hope that you’ll choose 180 Smoke based on our expansive product selection, commitment to quality, and overall focus on health and wellness. These defining aspects of 180 Smoke help separate 180 Smoke from its competition and to reflect the ideals of its founders and employees. These principles help define 180 Smoke and give it character in an industry that seems to be focused primarily on profits and discount the wellbeing of its clients.

180 Smoke also brandishes a very forward thinking mentality. We have always invested heavily in R&D and we were built off innovative crowd-sourcing techniques. As a company, 180 Smoke is constantly looking towards the future and is making changes to better align with the future of the vaping industry. This mode of thinking extends onto our customers, meaning customers of 180 Smoke will always have early access to some of the most innovative products on the market, whether it be devices, accessories, or even e-liquids.

Other reasons we believe you should shop with 180 Smoke are:

  • Unbridled quality

    All of our products are made by premium manufacturers and are tested by our team to ensure they meet the highest standards. We back all these products fully and will support any issues you may have through our customer service channels.

  • Affordable prices

    Unlike other vape shops, which prioritize profit above all else, 180 Smoke aims to serve the most customers possible and does so by offering all of its products at an incredibly affordable price. We can do this because of our relationship with manufacturers and our willingness to place the customers above all else.

  • Dedicated staff

    We understand that it isn’t just the products that make a company great, but more often than not, it’s the people that run the company that make it successful. With this in mind, we have hired and trained some of the best employees in the industry, all of which are more than happy to help with all of your vaping needs.

  • Fast shipping

  • We fully understand the grueling experience of waiting for a product, so we at 180 Smoke work tirelessly to ensure you get your orders in as fast and efficient as possible.

Website and Product Related Questions

  • Where and how is e-juice made by 180?

    All of 180 Smoke's e-juices are produced and packaged in our facility in Toronto. Customers safety is the number one priority. Taste comes second.
    More on 180 E-Juice production

  • What is in the e-liquid you sell?

    All 180 Smoke e-liquid is made from a mix of distilled water, vegetable glycerin (USP grade), Propylene Glycol (USP grade), natural & synthetic flavors, and optionally, nicotine. All e-juice flavors are tested in an accredited FDA laboratory.
    All about E-Juices

  • What type of e-cig should I start with?

    We recommend you get a cloud maker vape kit or another starter e-cig kit if you are just starting with vaping and electronic cigarettes.

  • How long will my e-cigarette device last?

    How you care for your device and the maintenance you provide is a big factor in how long the device will last for you. Most re-chargeable devices have a battery which typically lasts 1-2 years, however tanks and coils have varying life.
    More on it here in detail

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