Starter Kit Optimal (e-cigarette)

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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Our Optimal Electronic Cigarette starter package is ideal for smokers looking for an easy way to switch from smoke to smooth-tasting, enjoyable vapour with no harmful chemicals. Part of the most affordable Electronic CIgarette line available at 180 Smoke, the Optimal Starter Kit comes everything you need to switch and makes the process as hassel free as possible. It comes with two rechargeable batteries (effectively giving you two e-cigarettes, each lasting about 300-350 puffs to minimize downtime), a portable USB wall charger,  5 screw-on cartomizer refills with tobacco flavour (roughly equivalent to 150 regular cigarettes), filled and ready to go. The device is automatic, meaning that it will manually turn on or off as you pull, and includes a built in auto-protect feature to ensure the battery does not over charge.

Features Includes
  • Each Cartomizer cartridge delivers 300-350 rich vapour puffs per fill/charge (roughly equivalent to 20-25 regular cigarettes), saving you money even at your first purchase
  • Pre-charged and ready to use
  • Tobacco and many other flavour available with both non-nicotine and nicotine 
  • Auto on/off features; no need to worry about battery life
  • Microchip inhalation pressure sensor to activate/deactivate automatically when used
  • Internal micro-controller for managing battery usage and voltage control
  • LED-tipped to indicate activation
  • Light, protective storage box included
  • ZERO tobacco, ZERO tar, ZERO smoke, and ZERO combustion
  • 2 x Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries (280 mAh = 300 -350 puffs)
  • 5 x cartridges of your choice
  • 5 x Cartomizer cartridges (filled with nicotine-free, tobacco-flavoured e-Liquid and sealed)
  • 1 x Wall Charger
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Gift Box

How Does the Electronic Cigarette Work?


Starter Kit Refills (Electronic Cigarette)

This product uses cartomizers as refills, each cartomizer is equivalent to about 320 puffs or 25 cigarettes.

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Starter Kit FAQ
Have more questions about the electronic cigarettes, starter kit series, batteries or cartomizers?

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Reviews for Optimal Starter Pack (e-cigarette)
4.5 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
Beach Girl from Miami on Aug 12, 2013
I like that its no light that I can just put it in my pocket or my purse. I would reduce the packaging box and may be send assorted flavours with the box. Otherwise I appreciated you taking time to explain things to me over phone and send the product right away! go e-cigarette
Leo from Westwood Village, Los Angeles on Jul 12, 2013
I used to often smoke when going out. Being in sales, fortunately or unfortunately I go out a lot. This has been a great relief. I feel a lot better and just my mind seems to be more focused and I feel a lot more sharper these days. Highly recommended.

I like that its nice and light. Battery is decent. I appreciate having two batteries and some times share with my girl friend. We both were social smokers and now have cut down almost to one third. We still have cravings some times so we smoke cigarettes we borrow from friends. Haven't bought a pack though. I dont think they help you quit completely but being able to cut down significantly is already a good start for me. I know some people who haven't gone back tobacco. They used combo of ecigs and Alan Carr.
Chris from Chris Land, USA on Jul 02, 2013
I did a lot of research and got a 180 optimal for myself and a blu cig for my sister. i wanted to compare the two. 180 was a bit cheaper and honestly feature wise they are the same. taste wise pretty much exactly the same.
Sameer from Mississauga on Jun 23, 2013
I have tried disposable eCigs and found them to be helpful in cutting down. I tried the starter kit and I think it was a smart choice. I like that its super light cause its easy to carry and take with me everywhere. The mini usb charger is freaking amazing. I often just leave it in my laptop bag since I carry my laptop everywhere for work. If i buy couple more for my co-workers, what sort of discount can I get?
Sam from Trenton, New Jersey on May 13, 2013
Best value! Looove the menthol flavour.
Asher K. from Montreal, Quebec on May 07, 2013
The product arrived within 2 days which was great. I ordered it last minute for my brothers bday and had to call their customer support to expedite the delivery. They were very helpful and responsive. Thanks a lot and good luck.

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