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Why Make the Switch to Vaping/E Cigarettes/E Juice/E Shisha?

Electronic cigarettes are electronic units that allow you to vaporize liquid based solutions, referred to as E-Juice or E-liquids. These substances will produce a vapor when heat is applied that simulates the appearance and flavor of regular smoking while still allowing you to avoid combustion and other negative side effects associated with smoking cigarettes or tobacco products. The vapor from an electronic cigarette contains ZERO tar, ZERO carcinogens, and ZERO harmful chemicals (those chemicals are found commonly in cigarette smoke i.e. benzene) when used properly. Electronic cigarette vapor does not produce foul odors or lasting smoke, making it a much more pleasant social experience for non-smokers and non-vapers around you. These devices can be used legally indoors in offices, workplaces, public transit, restaurants, airports, hotels, etc. Of course, common sense and private property law will always take precedence - it is up to owners of establishments whether to allow or disallow e-cigarette usage. Smokers that switch to vaping with 180 Smoke’s assistance can save up to $2500 per year (for a 1-pack per day smoker) and you can also save on other expenses like hospital visits that are often complications due to tobacco smoking. All of our vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, accessories, and batteries are eco-friendly and recyclable. Keep in mind that electronic cigarettes are an alternative to smoking, and are designed to assist current smokers in the difficult process of quitting tobacco combustions.

Offering all the best products from 180 Smoke, Innokin, Kangertech, Aspire, and Joyetech/iSmoka!

180 Smoke is proud to offer a wide variety of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, e-shishas, and cigalikes. Our starter kits and Cloud Maker kits are specifically designed for new vapers or those that know very little about the electronic cigarette industry but still would like to give one a try. We also carry more advanced setups from globally reputable manufacturers like Aspire, Kangertech, Innokin (iTaste) and Joyetech (iSmoka/Eleaf). We offer a huge range of atomizers, cartridges, e-juices, batteries, mods, mod batteries, chargers, travel cases, accessories, and RDAs/RBAs. You can shop online and get your products shipped to your door within a few days, or check online for a 180 Vape Shop near you and come and talk to our very knowledgeable staff for advice, assistance, and minor repairs.

Why is 180 Smoke among the best Electronic

Cigarette/Vaporizer retailers around?
180 Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Our company and our staff take great pride in being an ethically invested and socially involved/socially conscious business. One of our main goals is to ensure that current smokers have an affordable, effective, and accessible alternative to tobacco combustion. Our e-liquids are manufactured in Canada from premium, medical grade ingredients and are very popular - our customers keep coming back for more, and they often bring their friends who have not been satisfied with other brands of e-liquids.

Our brand, color, and logo were all crowd sourced from thousands of smokers who got to vote via social media, in person, and via online surveys. We are very proud of the 180 Smoke brand and logo - and through constructive customer feedback we are devoted to constantly improving our product line, availability, design, flavors, and customer support systems. We currently have a variety of pending patents for some of our inventions and have even donated one to the public which is free to download and 3D print yourself!

180 Smoke is co-founded by a very reputable Canadian heart surgeon, Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar. Our informed and educated staff comes from medical, technical, and philanthropic backgrounds, but despite our differing backgrounds we all share a common vision of a cigarette-free continent, with reduced numbers of patients with cancer or heart complications as a result. We hope that you find something that catches your eye on our website or in our stores, and we will do our best to ensure that you get the assistance you need in order to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle with electronic vaping devices.

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